Fancy Colored Diamonds

You can set yellow diamonds which are originally set in yellow gold color.

Pink diamonds also look the best I the combination of rose gold color.

The highest possible color grade is D, and the lowest one is Z.

The grade color J or higher is available only with the Blue Nile diamonds.

However, trained gemmologist can easily detect the hidden truth behind the item.

Here are some methods through which the component is chemically altered.

Some key points regarding Diamond color


The colored diamonds originally signify the lack of color in a diamond in accordance to the grading of the whiteness of a diamond.

Yellow In Color

The actual manifestation of diamond is pale yellow in color. The lesser amount of color the diamond possess, the higher is its quality.


However, after considering the cut of a diamond, people usually tend to select the color code as the second preference as per the characteristic of a diamond.


This is perhaps due to the fact that the human eye is attracted to the sparkle of the diamond.


But, people are more fascinated to colorful diamonds as the fashionable look in the ornaments help them to mix and match with their outfits.


So, if you are planning to encounter a colorful one, going for the Blue Nile color would be the appropriate one.

colored-diamonds-groupNow let me introduce how these colors are modified, here are some reasons for you to check out:-

Treatments: - This process is a matter of nondisclosure in many areas. People who are unaware of this fact often believe that the gemstone might originally possess a higher quality through natural means and thus they bear a more valuable price than the actual cost.

Other issues involve detect ability and durability factors.natural-fancy-yellow-brown-radiant-cut-diamond-in-custom-diamond-setting-ascot-diamonds-j52181

Coming back to the topic, diamonds are often film coated to alter the color of the item. Crude coatings are made to transform the color by using permanent ink markers. These markers are used along the girdle surface of the diamonds. It causes an alteration in the face up look as the marker used changes the original colorless diamond into that particular code. In recent days, metal oxide films are used in modern coatings.Bleaching is a process that includes gems like Jadeite Jade and Pearls.

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